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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Returning to Cayo Costa. Returning to Cayo Costa

After leaving Fisherman's Warf and stopping at Crow's Nest for fuel we quickly dropped a line for trolling out the channel.  We were hoping to hook a big red or maybe even a grouper entering the channel.  But no luck.

A few miles down the coast the were flat and calm motoring with two lines out hoping for a King or better, when zing went the port rod.  Before we could make contact with the rod the second rod went click, click, zing.  Both rods had hung something on the bottom!  There were no crab pots so must have been a natural reef, personal fishing reef or sunken treasure.  The first rod freed itself, while trying to check if the lure was still on or not the second rod stopped loosing line.  The outcome of this adventure was a snapped leader with the loss of a new Yo-Zuri minnow and a complete savings of the second rod.  Which was good since it had almost $40 on the end of the line, a deep diving Yo-Zuri plug.

Which brings us to a blue water lure total of:

s/v Gemini Dreams "0"    vs  Poseidon  "3"

Stressing over loosing more lures we were on a watch for crab pots (or lobster).  Then we noticed that just south of Venice there were no more pots!  Then a small breeze came by and boosted our motoring to actual motor sailing!

Not very good video of dolphins at the boat, bottle nose

Woo Hooooo!  The GPS on the Lowrance is working again!  It had been intermittent since we left PC and we were relying on the back up.  Tin goes, "hey dad what is with this wire?"  Seems the unused comm wire on the GPS puck was making ground when ever it felt like it. 

Little blue wire was going touchie feelie!

LOL,  I just noticed in my notes for the blog (intermittent internet) I made myself a note about relaxing and keep the sarcasm fresh.  LOL  I am just too pessimistic at the moment.  Life in the Emerald City I guess.

We made it, Boca Grande Channel

After the not so wonderful sailing conditions of too little too wrong wind.  Spending the night here a Cayo Costa and catching a few fish was a welcome change.  Well we didn't catch any fish but we did have a good down home meal.  

 Mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, BBQ chicken and root beer

The next morning while the Fisher King was catching trout, I filed the float plan and headed out the rockin' and rollin' Boca Grande Channel to head south,  Once again we couldn't make enough east and the decisions of going on the Key West instead of Marathon were in process.  We could make it and take a mooring ball for a night and all would be good.  OR  We could have went on to the Tortugas if we had more groceries.  Or...well...looking at the Fisher King's eyes it was the 3rd choice.  Return to Cayo Costa for the night.  The Fisher King was a little green but the seaman he is he was willing to proceed on without issues.  Back through the roller coaster channel and into the anchorage.  We caught around a dozen Speckled Trout, a couple or more Sand trout and two flounders that evening.  And two stupid catfish!

Cayo Costa trout

It is great hanging out with my son on this adventure!  But I do miss Boo!  I received news she made the school softball team!  Go baby Girl!


NOTE:  stay at the nearby anchorage on the opposite side of the intercoastal from the south entrance to Pelican Bay and you may have free WIFI.  I will try this next time I come through.

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