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Sunday, February 19, 2012

GoPro HD2 Review part one

We have now taken the GoPro on  an adventure and took 1406 photos!  Of those we are only keeping around 100.  The underwater blur is just crappy!  But, I knew it was there going in.  Most of the online comparisons do not show how bad it really is in real life.

They get worse than this from a distance

In order to take good underwater photos you need to spend a LOT more on accessories.  

  1. Blurfix We just ordered this item before we head to the bahamas!  $80+ after shipping
  2. A color correction lens for the Blurfix.  Not in the budget  $100+ after shipping
  3. Lighting  So far we can't budget additional lighting  $300+ after shipping
  4. An extension to help reach lower levels.  We have been using the boat hook
  5. Floating handle  $30+ after shipping
  6. Extra Battery Bacpac with housing $50+ after shipping
  7. Anti-fog inserts $15+ after shipping
  8. Photoshop $699+ for the full version. LOL
In order to operate the camera or change modes you must face the lens to see the screen.  This is annoying and you take some photos of yourself while doing it.  The HD setting crashes most older video cards and they can't play it!  The rapid shot burst and continuous are great features!  I like the hands free of every two seconds while diving but it gives you a massive amount of crappy shots to sort through. 

I give the GoPro a rating of 3out of 10 for underwater ("out of the package" version of GoPro HD2)
It would have received less but it is in a H2O proof container.  If only one item is in your budget get the BlurFix and anti-fog inserts!  I know that is two items!

We will reevaluate the GoPro once we return from the Bahamas in part 2.  

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