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Friday, March 21, 2014

Highborne Cay

Changing the course to Highborne turned out to be a good decision.  We slept in for the first time in days.  Ayrton was craving Raisin Brand  for breakfast but they didn't have any in their limited selection of $9.00 cereal boxes.  He ended up with SkittleFors and a soda while I had ice cream and a soda.

We expected Liberty to be at Allens Cay around 1 pm so we loaded up the snorkel gear and headed out over the two miles separating Allens and Highborne.  As we passed SW Allens Cay we could see Liberty in the anchorage.  They had arrived at 12:45.

A snorkeling trip to places we had not ventured before due to rowing the Walker Bay last time produced a couple of conchs and two speckled hinds.  After wards we invited them down to Highborne  the next day.

We finally strolled out of bed the next day just in time to greet the dinghy with Ben and Daren on board.  A short trip to Highborne Yacht Club for more ice cream and soda and we were off to the reef snorkeling.  Our big toll for the day was only two conch and a blue runner Ayrton caught on the conch scraps.  We noticed the local guy were hammering the small reef heads with fish traps in the afternoon and picking them up the next morning.  Most likely the reason we are seeing less grouper this year.   For some reason not a single lobster has been seen today.

Now that Liberty is anchored only a short distance away we are headed off to Normans Cay tomorrow.    Perhaps they will take a hike up to Carlos's House if it is still there.  We have heard of new construction  and grading on Normans but not to what extent.

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