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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thunderball and Staniel Cay 3-20/25-2014

We motor sailed the mile from Big Majors to our anchorage here in Staniel Cay.  This is due to finding out when we used more than just above idle speed we were still slipping the prop.  Oh well looks like we need to find a washer to tighten things up.

We also had a failure of the depth sounder again this morning.  It quit working on the way to the keys due to a little growth on the bottom in the perfect spot to give it an air pocket.  The a few days back it quit working on the way to Hawksbill but unplugging the sender and replugging it made all good.  Today that quick fix didn't work.  Digging under the two bikes, flopper stoppers, spare lines, and a kayak the sounder looked alright.  It was when I touched the sender that the problem became obvious.  The epoxy had failed.  Pressing the unit against the hull would not register any reading so I pulled enough slack in the line and tossed it out the front hatch and into the water.  Voila! We had a reading.  Now to epoxy it once again.

With the trouble shooting for two jobs done (we hope) we took the rest of the day off.  Heading out to the Purple restaurant we found them closed between lunch and dinner (closed from 1-6!).  Remembering they were cheaper than the Staniel Cay Yacht Club (SCYC) we reluctently walked back to SCYC after giving Ben and Darren the quick tour of the Blue Store (Burkes), Pink Store (Pink Pearl), and the New Store (Isles).  Tomorrow is boat day so we waited to make any purchases other than ice cream and soda.

We made it back to SCYC a little after 2 pm and secured a menu.  Twelve dollars for a hamburger and fries and eight dollars for wings wasn't as bad as we remembered.  If we skipped the cheese and sodas we could keep it to $20 plus a tip.  They also had a pool table (In serious need of repair) so that Ayrton and I could kill some time.  Little did we know how much time!  Island time at SCYC must be the definition of Island Time. We finally got our checks around 5:30!

Day two was a trip to Thunderball!  We took a little cat food this time to bait the fish in for better photos.  We went at high tide which didn't bother us because diving under the entry is not as intimidating once you have been here.  Besides there is a secret side entry you can use at high tide.  The problem was we missed the guess of high tide by enough that within minutes the gently flowing tide became a ripping river.  This made for some interesting “artistic photos” but very few good ones.

Day three was catching up on Boatschool, spending the day on the internet catching up the blog.

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  1. On your return come to West Palm and stop at Palm Harbor Marina. Give me a call.I'd love to see you and what you have done to the boat. The trip across Fla from the St.Lucie to Ft.Myers is fantastic.