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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morgans Bluff 3-2\8-2014

Other than an impending doom of the rear stay repair before moving on we have had a good time, island time, here at Morgans.

We took the first day, Sunday, to snorkel the wall here and pulled up a couple of lobsters along with two lion fish.  Darren and Ben treated us to Salad and fried the conch from Bimini Ayrton had so joyously hammered into "cracked conch".  We also supplied some fresh made conch salad to top it off. 

On our second day, Monday,  we headed west toward the second anchorage, yes there are more than one here but it is open to the swells.  We found a small reef, more of a small barrier wall just as the water starts to get 8 feet.  We were able to get another 4 lobsters.  Tonight we made cajun alfreado with blackened lobster for the four of us.   Today Ayrton also took his new car out for a spin.  One of the things we collected from the cruisers net in Boot Key was a used kayak for $15.  One small patch and he was on his way.  He loves the new found freedom.  Thirteen hasn't decided yet.

Our third, Tuesday,  day was in search of a real reef.  We tried the barrier reef just outside and north of the channel.  We found nothing of real interest.  Then off to the next section toward the north where the swell was breaking over it.  Ben and Darren's little dinghy was low on fuel so I asked if they wanted to go to the island or continue to the reel.  Island.  Off we went dropping the fortress just east (windward) of the island.  Seems everyone but me saw a lobster but no one brought on home.  Ayrton decided he was bored and started shooting the squirel fish.  

Next we went to the leeward side fof the island and found a beautifull reef.  It was what we were looking for all day!  They continued to randomly shoot the squirel fish and I got a small gheioshs.  Seems like we all followed this Nassau grouper on the reef but never got a close shot.  Dinner was fish tacos.

Day four, Wednesday, was the relaxation day with each crew doing their own thing.  We fixed the back stay and reorganized the cockpit on Gemini Dreams.  Ben and Darren went to Nichols Town for some shopping and to buy the paranoid "Gremlin in the bilge" a phone.  The rain came an wet everything.  Luckily the locals are not Americans and gave the crew of Liberty a ride to, a tour of the town, and a ride back to Morgans.   Thirteen decided to swim back to the boat from the kayak today. 

Day five, in preperation for the on coming front I wrapped one of our anchors around a 3 cubic foot block of concrete.  Tried to upload some of our pictures but was unsuccessful.  I also tried to get Ayrton caught up on his school work.  A squal came through in the early evening putting an explamation point on anchoring here in Morgans. The walls reflections make sitting here uncomfortable to say the least.

Day six, Friday the blow,  windy days and rainy days are stressful relaxation.  On windy days you worry about the anchor.  On rainy days you worry about the power or lack of power.  No snorkeling, no fishing just waiting on the next day in paradise.  Just getting to the bar to type this up and keep you posted was an adventure. 

Day seven, Saturday,  off to see the wizard once again.  Click your heals together and think there is no place like the Exumas, There is no place like the Exumas.  


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