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Friday, March 21, 2014

Pigs Three Different Ones 3-19-2014

Our camera died while at Big Majors (just batteries) so we do not have all 3 pigs for the post

But as a back up...

The day started out with hoping all that was wrong with the motor was a shear pin.  Not that we have any for the Honda on the boat.  How did we miss that?  Oh we were too occupied with the fuel connection issues.  The prop was spinning independent of the motor.  Removing the prop was straight forward and treasure was to be found.  A perfect shear pin.  Now what was the problem?  Once again this came straight forward.  Someone had not tightened the nut enough before putting in the cotter pin.  (Later it proves to be a missing thrust washer or similar as the prop spins once again.) While we had the prop off we chose to put on the one Ben had given us in Marathon since the blades were in better shape.

Next I repaired the front railing I damaged in Bimini when we couldn't slow the boat down due to current.  After this I retired all the dock line in neat little hanks.  Coiled all the sheets.  Scrubbed the cockpit.   I think I was about to start some other project when we saw Liberty motoring toward the previously agreed anchorage.  We hailed them on 72 and told them we had detoured once again and were at Big Majors.

Ayrton even cleaned the bottom of the boat due to the depth sounder issues and the little green hairs growing that always seem to plague us after the keys.

One of the several small caves at Big Majors

We spent the afternoon with the pigs, caves and a waitress on island time.

Fried chicken wings at SCYC

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