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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nassau 2014

We finally anchored in Nassau harbor.  Just as we expected it is an easy place to spend money.  We will give a few highlights on our adventures here.  

About a hour after we anchored on day one here we heard yelling.  Repeatative yelling, so we took time out from Doctor Who to see what the issue was. Seems the owner, manager or the person who thinks he is in charge of Nassau Harbour Club (not to be confused with Nassau yacht club) controls the water east of his dock. He insisted that we relocate farther east.  Not to start issues we moved eastward about 400 feet. Not long afterwards a Canadian flagged boat dropped their hook in our previous spot. We waited. In about 20 minutes the shouting started from the dock. Not achieving his goal it wasn't long before the Defence Force showed up, and escorted the raving dock guy over to the Canadian boat.  They moved also.  Then the third boat anchored too close to his dock but was about 100 feet farther north. He stood there deciding his plan on the end of the dock. Perhaps giving in for the night as we never saw the Defense Force and they never moved.  

Of special interest to other cruisers we want to mention the presence of the Defense Force in the harbor.  One young couple on s/v Frodo has been boarded 3 times, another boat (forgot name) was boarded twice.  The three boats in the western part of the west anchorage were boarded yesterday ( Saturday).  We did not see any boardings today but were away from the boat for 6 hours.  Also we never saw any boardings in the east anchorage, well other than that one time with the dock guy. 

 The biggest news is the 40 footer tied to the Defence Force dock.  A couple in their 70's have been arrested and their boat seized for drugs. This of course is anchorage rumor and we have no hard facts other than a very nice yacht is tied to the Defence Force dock.  

Also on thr rumor mill is a story of a catamaran being forced out of the harbor during the last blow after being boarded and the cruising permit being revoked. Remember this is anchorage rumor among cruisers. 

One comment from all the cruisers was the fact that the Defence Force was always polite and even removed their firearms when boarding the boats with children. 

Fort Montegu standing guard at the west pass for almost 300 years

At the Montegu park we found the local fish market and all the missing conch

We continued on after the seafood market walking all the way out to Marathon Mall.  It wasn't with out a mission.  A blooming onion was waiting on us at Outback. We will just say it didn't hit the spot as it was not what we are used to. 

Atlantis in the background. 

s/v Liberty Clipper

Scenes from downtown. 

Straw market

Some items are actually made here. 

Wood carvers work on the west side of straw market. 

The seafood shanty town on Potters Cay has party time Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We didn't attend but They partied until 2am Saturday.  Wednesday the party is at Atlantis beach across the harbor ending in fireworks. Thirteen was really happy about the fireworks. It took us a while to find him making sure he didn't go overboard in the flight fom the noise.

The busiest always but we were refered to the first maroon building later. 

Cat nip!

Light house at the east end of the harbor. 

There are six of these monsters here today.  Two are Disney cruises.   

Harbor scenes

Sunset across the fuel dock

ESSO still exists here escaping the Sun Oil company lawyers

Prices prices prices. Little Debbie snacks are manufacturer labeled $1.99 but have a sticker of $5.50 at the Fresh Market.  Anjeo is $17 here vs $24 at Staniel Cay. 

Beauty in the outskirts of the beaten path.  Nature acts independently of the financial situation of the property.

 We have walked over 30 miles this week in exploring the area.  

We thought about heading out yesterday but the seas were just bigger than we go out in (8-10). We did move from the east anchorage to the west anchorage after our look out of the harbor.  One thing to be aware are the new Bay Street Marina docks extending out into the anchorage. No one is using BASRA for a dinghy dock but must use Bay Street for $5 a day.  The internet at the Green Parrot has yet to work even in the dinning area. There is no gas at BS and the two stations on the section of Bay Street do not take credit cards. 

The west anchorage is littered with debris.  We know of a refrigerator, tree branches, piling, a cubic yard of concrete and a very heavy iron frame the tide wrapped our anchor around.  We found this out when we tried to pull the anchor this morning.  It was so heavy that I could not pull it off the bottom. Time for the snorkel gear in 15 feet of water as Ayrton idled forward against the current to relieve the tension.  Everything went as planned and we were free.

We looked at the conditions again today after finally getting the anchor up.  With 5-6 feet as an average we still saw every 8th or 9th wave around 8 feet and steep. Not wanting to ride the 40 miles across deep water with the boat being hit abeam by these giants and gusts over 20, we are once again walking the strip and surfing the internet.  We will hang out for a couple more days and take the lighter wind across.  No need to press on if it's not fun. 

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