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Monday, April 7, 2014

Two Steps Back

After spending a couple weeks in Staniel Cay we were ready for a change.  We really wanted to make George Town this year but the SE wind meant more time waiting.  Instead of beating into the wind for days we decided to make a stop at Nassau on the way back.  

We moved from our little anchorage of the last two weeks back over to Big Majors for one last evening. Liberty arranged a beach party with a few other cruisers in celebration of their first month in the Bahamas.  Departure morning came with Liberty returning to Staniel for Phone issues and us pulling anchor about 20 minutes later headed toward the Exumas Land and Sea Park.  

It was an awesome day sailing with us dropping the anchor at Normans Cay completely on the other side of the park.  

We spent two nights here waiting on Liberty to join us but the dust from the constuction started to weigh on us.  Even the output from the solar panels seems to be diminishing.  With all we could take and still not a single conch from Normans this year we headed off to Allens.  Later we chose to stop early for water and an order of those wonderful wings at Highborne. 

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