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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Vegas In The Keys Again

Perhaps in our decisions to wait for a calm crossing we past up a couple of days that would have been better.  Then of course sailing one handed surely meant we needed to wait.  Our 8 day wait gave us almost flat seas across until within 10 miles of the US coast.  We had the same plan as last time... head toward Miami and take the counter current back as the gulf stream pushed us to far north.  Not a big deal and it keeps us from having to check in at Port Everglades.  Yes we considered taking the Lake Worth route.  As we neared to coast we were hit with 10-20 gusting over 20 from the south (what happened to that forecast SE wind?).  Now battle the wind or take the long way.  After about 30 minutes banging into the waves we took the long way.  Miami by too far north and down the ICW to dodge island.  (Instead of spending the day getting a LBO we chose to spend the day just checking in again).

Almost flat Gulf Stream

Sunset over Hollywood FL

The next morning we pulled anchor and went all thew way around to the ICW instead of waiting for low tide (4hrs) to sneak under the bridge.  The flashing  blue lights kept us from going by the cruise ships instead we took the route by the freighters.  Never ever again!  Damn Hatteras and Sea Rays!  Never again!  I thought the miserable mile and south of it was bad!  If ever again we will go out farther south.

Look  familiar?

"Judy Ann's Revenge, Judy Ann's Revenge, Gemini Dreams channel 16"  After moving to a working channel and introductions I commented that she sure looked familiar.  Turns out she used to be Wee Happy our buddy boat from our first cruise to Bahia Honda and the Dry Tortugas.  We were pushing hard motor sailing trying to make Rodriguez Key by sunset after getting a late start.  By the time we were closing in on Rodriguez JAR had sank into the horizon behind us.  

Sunset over Rodriguez,  Judy Ann's Revenge arrived a couple hours later.

Resting at anchor as we leave at daybreak.  
Maybe next time we will be able to get a Cheese Burger in Paradise with you guys

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