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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tripping on the road to Thanksgiving.

 We just took a major road trip to restock and regear for the season.  Tin played tag with his mother and myself ridding in different cars and staying in different places over the holidays so that I could get things done and he could see his family in Clearwater.  One the first day out I went by Sailor's Exchange in St Augustine.  Since I knew my traveling companions from s/v Wee Happy were hanging out in St Augustine on board their new acquisition s/v Way Happy I dropped them an email and a call.  They didn't get this until about 2 hours after I headed out of St Augustine.  Funny thing they were on the road ahead of me by an hour going to basically the same place in St Petersburg.  Funny how life cross paths over and over.  We made contact and took time out on Thanksgiving day to meet up...

 Thanksgiving day at Fort Desoto and where we found Capt K and Lita

The Crew of s/v Gemini Dreams and s/v Way Happy
St Augustine?   St Petersburg?  Marathon? Bahamas? Destination unknown!

After Fort Desoto we went to spend Thanksgiving afternoon with their mom's family.  Oh how poor my Spanish is!  See our host only speaks Spanish and has a world of culture.  Time there was too short.  After eating I headed out to south Florida for a couple items.  I decided to do some black Friday shopping instead of spending the night in a motel.  What a group of morons.  I did black Friday 4 years ago for a TV and some other items it was organized and went rather well.  This year it was just plain stupid and unorganized everywhere.  I guess in an effort to keep you in the store longer "to buy more stuff" they make you go down individual lines to get the golden goblet, then another line for the golden fork.  What moronic was of time.  But I didn't spend money on a motel room and it was only around 40 hours.  Practice for overnighters!

I managed to get a few new toys to play with while we are on our journey.  One of our new toys makes one of our recent toys 3d. We will soon be able to post up some 3d photos and videos.  I also finally paid off the Halloween for Tin,  He wanted to skip Halloween and get five bags of candy, so he now has the last two.

We also have added 3 more pole spears to out fishing arsenal!  Tin earned one for doing all his math in boat school.  I replaced one of the three piece that I wore out then destroyed buy spearing the dock about 4-5 feet under water.  I also have a new Manny Puig 8.5'.  This wasn't really in the budget but I had wanted a good spear since before moving onto the boat.  So I now have one...

Look out Bahamas here we come!  It may look simple like this but in person it is like an AK-47!

The wonder of foil wrappers,  Back up just in case the "Fisher King" has a bad day

Over the next few days we have engine maintenance and storing all the supplies then it is off we go!

PS   over 2200 miles on the rental car this week with only two nights in a motel!

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