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Thursday, December 1, 2011

dAY one of 2012 Cruise...

December 1st was our departure date for the last few months.... however December 1 came and went and s/v Gemini Dreams is still tied to the dock  At this point we still have some details and engine maintenance to take care of before we leave the dock.  But it didn't mean we couldn't start living the cruising life.

Today we fed and saved a brown pelican from the nemesis of poorly disposed fishing line.  Perhaps it was even just cut as the pelican tried to take a bait.  Either way he was struggling to compete with the other birds due to two stainless treble hooks, stainless leader and mono all wrapped around his beak and wings.  He was unable to fly due to the web that surrounded him and the hooks that had his throat connected to his tongue.  Tin asked to save him so it was but to do...
1st step 
 Clipping away at the leader and line
Trying to remove all the line
One of the stainless treble hooks
 Success and Freedom

4:42 pm I sounded the Conch Horn as the sun set,  the wind in less than 5 knots for the first time since Thanksgiving.  Pasta is cooking on the kettle and freshly caught Sea Bass is waiting to be grilled.  With margarita in hand the horizon is turning from orange to peach and then as always to the steel blue that proceeds the black.

Yes the sun sets in PC early!  Already 4:42 and 12 days to go until winter!

Our largest Sea Bass of the season! Enough for two meals

I will attempt to keep a journal of fishing and expenditures for those budget minded cruisers, especially with children.  It is so hard to cut the dock lines with the crew on board.  I must play father and be responsible for the little man.  Last winter it was exploration and learning.  This year it is caution with a side of adventure.  Trying to fit everything we need for 6 months or longer into a 27 foot boat is beyond a puzzle.  Actually I am looking for a magic bag to store items into that doesn't require any space.


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  1. Very Cool! A wildlife rehabilitater you are. I'm sure the pelican thought he was your next dinner though. Great Job!