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Sunday, December 4, 2011

dAYS 2,3 & 4

dAYS two and three were almost the same.  We were out fishing on day three so...
We borrowed the day three photo from Salt 'n Sand's blog, that is our roller furl in the corner

Day two came and went without much to write about.  This is the week during the month where the Sheephead stay on the bottom.  They must have shrimp for dinner or the barnacles react to the moon phase and don't seem appealing to them.  Too bad as the new pole spears need broken in.  

Day three consisted of organization and fishing.  We caught about 27 fish,  12 for him and 15 for me,  that were worth mentioning as we there were several Lizard fish we just don't count.  We did catch more white trout than ever but through them back as trout isn't our favorite.  We kept 6 Black Sea Bass for the day.  

Day four was cleaning the bottom of the boat and getting some engine maintenance done.  Of course there was fishing since this is supposed to be "vacation" time.

Tin was practicing with the Conch Horn at sunset day 4.

Tin hates honey and dislikes cheese but somehow he has a new favorite meal.  Honey Teriyaki Seabass and Mac and Cheese or Honey Teriyaki Seabass and just about anything else.  Too bad we are out of honey.

The Fisher King's Teriyaki
3 oz Kikkoman Ponzu
2 oz Honey
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 a lime juiced use the rest for garnish
      Suate' or grill firm white fish (we like lightly floured and pan suate'd).  Remove fish and any oil, add Ponzu to hot pan and start reduction.  When the Ponzu is all bubbles add the honey and ginger stirring constantly.  Once mixed reintroduce the fish to coat.  Serve with your choice of sides.  It's that simple


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