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Friday, December 16, 2011

We had the GoPro out for a splash today

Took a few photos of our "lawn".

Typical growth under the water in St Andrews Bay
Typical murky bay views

While we were taking photos I thought a look at our underwater grocery store would be good too.  Maybe you  have noticed in our blog we have categorized the Sheephead and now include the portions from each .  In the dock we have seen several Major Stripes but have not seen any of the larger off shore sizes hanging out.  If we do that would be a good post and a great dinner for a few days

  1. 15" Private Stripes (2 plates)
  2. 18" Sergeant Stripes (4 plates)
  3. 21" Major Stripes (6 plates, yes on fish feeds us both 3 times)
  4. 24" Colonel Stripes (?)
  5. 27" General Stripes (?)

 Sheephead!  Hopefully we will put a spear in a few of these and try some sushi
Bad photo but you can see Major stripes hiding behind the Sergeant in the center.

One day I will get the Fisher King during one of his Fish Dances on video.  But for now he keeps busting me when I try to take a photo.  

 The Fisher King in one of his fish dances

Well we now have underwater photo and vid capability and with some tweaking of the hardware we will be able to jazz up your part of our adventure.

Time to go spear some Sheephead, I hope!

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