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Friday, May 18, 2012

Conchs, Wings and Burgers

We set out to move around the island today and anchor in front of CJ's. This would allow us to tap into the ATM at RBC, the only bank we have seen during our time in the Bahamas. We could get the Fisher King some “kid” food and sliced bread. As the Fisher King took care of his chores in the dinghy I looked down in the calm water and pointed out a Helmet Conch. His eyes lit up and he pointed out another. This is where the “I want to snorkel” came in. As he snorkeled around s/v Gemini Dreams he kept putting Helmet Conch in the dinghy. After a while I got the bug to jump in also. We got some of the largest Queen Conchs yet. We also found a submerged wreck, or partial wreck, that held some small fish. We even took a couple shots at some snapper.  When we were done with snorkeling we decided to catch some barracuda for fun.

The Fisher King and his big barracuda

So instead of hitting Bimini shopping today, we spent it snorkeling. I think we spent 5 hours in the water. At least it was after 4pm when we boarded s/v Gemini Dreams. We quickly got things ready to make the trip across, actually around the island to anchor in front of CJ's. Once there, the bank is only at the bottom of the hill just before you get to the Customs office.

Me with a slightly bigger barracuda I caught on my ultra light with 10 pound braid, lol

So on a late afternoon run we made it to the anchorage in front of CJ's around 6:30 pm.  After using the ATM we ran into Marianne, who we met at the Bimini Blue Water Resort back in March. She and Matt has spent their time in he Berrys. We swapped stories and adventures after Tin and I found some wings and a burger at the Bimini Big Game Club. After all the stories we grabbed another soda and some gum up at Sue and Joy's. It was on the way to S&J's that the “dinghy” alert went off. We left it on the beach in front of CJ's with the anchor in the sand pulled up above what we hopped was high tide. After the incident at Highborne we have added another reason to stress when dealing with our dinghy. As we arrived in the moonless night we could see that Boo Boo Tin Tin was sitting on the beach just as we left her but slightly higher from the water level. From there it was just a short row to s/v Gemini Dreams to catch a movie, Transporter 2 (we saw highlights of Transporter 3 on TV at BBGC).


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