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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Morgans Bluff WIFI

We have found the issue with our internet connection here at Morgans Bluff.  We did not post an issue last time as we could not offer a solution.  But today, Larry on s/v Restless gave us the solution.  We both agreed that it is very aggravating being able to see the signal but not connecting.  He spend hours last season trying to solve it and finally did.   It seems that the Bad Boy WIFI cuts off part of the Access Point Name.  You physically have to add the "ANDROS" to the name.  The full name should be UNCA-HARVEY-WATERLOOP"ANDROS" and the password is freemonth.  The password is readily given out at the bar to keep cruisers bringing in the cash.  I really mean cash as there is no credit cards taken here in Morgans Bluff.  Not even at the gas station.

List of key words to help out other cruisers with this issue:  Bad boy xteam wifi badboy unable to get help Andros Bahamas connectivity connect sailboat cruising cruisers bitstorm xpress express practical sailor albin vega svgeminidreams gemini dreams s/v unleashed zone problem connecting internet net 

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