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Monday, May 7, 2012

Highborne Cay 5-02

This could be called the cay that we almost blew right by. On our way to windward we had no real reason to stop here so as the wind became available we sailed off the the Exuma Land and Sea Park. As we navigated our return leg, laden with gray skies and windy days, we were in need of water. So this became our stop for water. The good news is we sailed the complete way from the anchorage in Normans to our anchorage here.

What we found was a perfect little resort. With groceries, dockage and an $18 cheeseburger restaurant. If we were to ever build a Bahamian out island resort it would be similar to this. We stocked up on some buns for the canned BBQ we had on board. Some sliced bread for the Fisher Kings tuna sandwiches. Some cereal for breakfast. A couple of sodas since it had been two weeks without and of course water!

A few photos of the grocer shelves
Well stocked but low on fresh produce today

When we got to the marina we had beached the dinghy and pulled it up high as the tide was rising. We filled the dinghy with our water and groceries after all the shopping and fillings were done. I decided that since it would be at least a week before we were anywhere near free internet we would utilize the option of 30 minutes for $5 and log on in the office. The Fisher King was begging to go to the windward side of the island so he could look for shells on the beach. I agreed to a big MAYBE. So off we went up drive cut out of the limestone hill side. Just past the stop sign is a trail down to the rocky windward side. From this trail you can see the beach way to the north. As we headed toward this destination I got an uneasy feeling about the dinghy and persuaded the Fisher King to “another time”.

Perfect island stop sign

The beach on the windward side

Soda and shells

Go gators

As we walked down the path toward the end of the dock I started to stress. I didn't see the dinghy at first. Then I saw the bad news. The dinghy was flooded in the surf. Our new groceries, water and all the items we normally have aboard were either awash or overboard. The first action was to stop the onslaught of saltwater and sand. Going up the beach was never going to happen so out to sea I went. Setting the anchor to keep it out of the surf. Next was to evaluate the situation better and save what we could. The bread, buns and cereal appeared to have survived. The chips, pringles, were barely hanging on but dry. Good thing we drank the sodas. All the RO water was here!

Now to the equipment inventory. We left our main masks and snorkels on board Gemini Dreams. But our back ups and fins were on Boo Boo Tin Tin. FINS, where is the Fisher Kings other fin? I sent him on a mission to walk the shore to find it. Into the water he went finally surfacing with his fin. Woo Hoo! Later while on his walk he returned with one of my gloves. I think we recovered everything except the baler to bail water. We had to borrow a bucket from the marina to remove the water and sand that was up to the rail. I am sure one day I will have an inspiration as to what else went overboard. I am not sure where the back up blue snorkel is right now.

Fresh catch

Getting the left overs

After removing most of the salt water and refilling with supplies and gear I rowed out to the swim platform and unloaded it all again. We then pulled the dinghy aboard the swim platform and continued to remove the sand. After we had removed the sand we took a moment to find the leak that keeps deflating the forward port tube. After re-splashed the dinghy it was time to refill it once again. After some discussion with the Fisher King I compromised and let him snorkel around the island if he returned the bucket first. After all it wasn't his fault. I could take the shower I wanted later.

I don't know if there is a use fee or not but there is a great dinghy dock inside the marina. There is also a post beach shower between the office and gas pumps.

In other dinghy adventures we (I) had to walk the dinghy through the current (both toward and from the marina) between the tip of the island and the rock . There was just no way I could row against the 5 knots or better current through the cut. The Fisher King wants to make the the beach trip tomorrow for shelling, so maybe we can hit the currents for a ride in and out instead of a battle.

Finally back on s/v Gemini Dreams as I made dinner the Fisher King was back to catching fish. First a remora and then a small grouper on a sabiki rig.

A small grouper caught on a sabiki rig

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