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Monday, May 28, 2012

Neighbors and Passing Friends

It takes all types to cruise the world, the rich and maybe famous, the cash strapped, the socials and the boat hermits.  Then there are the power boats and sailboaters.  Often in home ports these two battle over thoughts, ideas and expectations.  But out here, on the hook, the differences can sometimes go away.

We first saw Tom and Jan on m/v Laughter here in the Bimini Anchorage.  After friendly waves and a few path crossings we finally ended up at the Bimini Big Game Club at the same time and were invited to join them.  It was planned to be our celebration to the end of the Bahamas leg of our journey.  And and excuse to get one more "Cheese Burger in Paradise".  Over the next hour or so we had good conversation.  Once they learned The Fisher King was "boat schooled" the two retired school principles were curious to learn more about him and his studies.  We also talked the infamous topic here in the Bahamas,  the Weather!  There was a good day to cross on Thursday, with the wind and waves both going with the Gulf Stream.

Bimini Rainbow

As the next day passed the weather window SLAMMED shut, reopened, moved a day farther then suddenly a day closer!  Our anchorage had picked up a couple of trimarans over nights.  One of these homebuilt, the closest one.  The captain actually asked if his proximity was alright with us, since Laughter was in his "normal spot".  As the weather forecast changed he and m/v Laughter decided to make a run for the states but we declined seeing heavy winds on the forecast once we got to the states.  Also we chose to play it safe and sit out the next days 30+ knots here at the anchorage.  We received suggestions from the captain of the nearest trimaran on the best holding etc.  He also suggested that where we had the Fortress the sand was thin and it may not hold (we were already on two anchors from some wind a few days before).  We knew the Manson was in deep sand and the Fortress had held so far.  We chose to leave those as they were but to drop back and put out more chain and rode.  We made a 3rd point by picking up the mooring that m/v Laughter was using.  We sat here calmly through the peak of the wind but it was nothing compared to the days we spent at Nixon Bay.


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