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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sailing On A Schedule

Funny thing about this rainbow,  at one time there probably was a pot of gold at the end
Morgans cave is under the left end

Here we are again in Morgans Bluff right on schedule.  A schedule that has nothing to do with wind or seas, but everything to do with internet.  It can actually be taken as a schedule NOT to sail.  We left Highborne with a few days to spare in the schedule to make sure we were within internet to contact a special birthday girl, or two!

When we arrived there was an immediate window to make it to Bimini, but no guarantee that we would arrive in time for the Birthday call to The Fisher King's mom.  So we stayed here happily to put a smile on her face.  Then there were 3 days we could get to Bimini between her birthday and his sister's birthday (and of course mothers day).  Problem was the very light winds made that a maybe also.  So we stayed here until today waiting to call my daughter, I miss her so.  Which this year also puts us on mothers day!   Of course we couldn't let that slip by either.  Now as we are starting to Skype with them all on this mothers day it is all worth it.

To pass out time here we were able to snorkel the windward side of the island but not all the way out to the reef.  We also tried to snorkel the reef just north of the entry channel but the sun and chop would not allow us to see where we were going.  We went snorkeling after the snapper we were not able to get last time, actually hitting him with the sling only to return with a scale.  (note: at that range the sling does not penetrate a snapper).  We have tried fishing with little luck for him also.  We did get one hard hit that was broken off in the wreck since it was on the ultralight with only 10 pound test.  We are not motivated to take the 5-6 mile walk to the nearest village or blue hole.  We have already been to the Bluff and the Cave.  We are running out of "new" adventures in this port that we wish to do.  The bugs have increased over the last two months to a point that sunset is dangerous.

If all goes well we will get an early start tomorrow and head off to Bimini


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