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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


One of the issues of Boatschool is you always wonder if you are doing enough. Even though you have realized most of a day at public school is just shipping, feeding and controlling the inmates, you still wonder if just a couple hours or so a day is really enough.  You are great full when you encounter another Boatschool parent that will share, especially if they are running a similar school to yours.  You often find the curriculum dependent (not a negative thing necessarily except for the expenses), virtual school junkies (still public but without the other inmates),  the Unschoolers but not many like us.  Trying to pick and choose from the vast assortment of information, styles and curriculums is often overwhelming.

Trying to find social groups is often the worst.  There are multiple groups on line but when you talk to a couple of the parents or just watch as the messages unfold you often have a Waco feel.  If you are not going to horde up in a little armory in a little town it often results in the groups in the "un-armory" in all the towns.  You know the lot, they are such critics of everyone else and even among themselves.  They will gladly take in all the "Father Rapers" as projects at a price of 10%.  Then after just a couple months of thought adjustments  and recycled clothes they send them forth into the flock with blessings to play with their children.  Then finally if you are lucky you will cross others with you thoughts or as I like to think "Just Being Human"

Just last week in the TV bay at Marathon there was (on Fox News no less) an article about how children today are entering the work force with not ethics, with an entitlement expectation and "their" needs requirements.   They went on about how the generation that was currently in charge and so unhappy with this situation was actually the parental generation for those entering the work force.  They taught their children to expect the hand out (oh now I know why it was on Fox).  They instructed their children to stay in school longer (longest average time ever), enter the work force later, accept responsibility at a later age.  Now they were unhappy that what they were expected to do at 18 most college grads couldn't do at 23.  Our children are becoming bored and complaisant.  Their dreams and energy are being so drawn out into the future that they give into the machine of modern government.

While on one of the few secular (the world is not going to end in 2012, the dead are not walking except on AMC) homeschool websites.  While looking at archaeological courses.  I dug up this.

Kind of like Alan Parsons, Shadowfax, Motor Head  Rumplemintz and Jagermeister in a blender.

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  1. Great sounding group! Enjoying the full concerts on You Tube.