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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Great Fishing (license) Story

The Fisher King slept as I rowed off toward the ATM. I wanted to have cash for the boat and all the little things.  Next was a fishing license.  We K-Mart is just across the street from the bank so that was an obvious place.  I took my voter registration and my receipt from the marina in PC hoping to get the $17 license instead of the $48 I have to pay for out of state.  Florida changed their ID laws 3-4 years ago and it is quite difficult to get a drivers license compared to previous years.  Used to be anyone with a post office box could get a Florida license.  The cashier at K-Mart said I should try the tax office they might give me a resident license but he couldn't without a Florida Drivers License.

So I rowed the dinghy almost a mile, walked a mile and now I am walking another mile and a half to the tax office.

With the documents in hand and the fingers crossed I hoped for the best.  Sorry!  but you can take those to the Drivers License Office up the road and get your license and then we can give you a resident fishing license.  "What is the cost of a Florida Drivers license?"  About $54.  She did some quick calculations on her calculator and said getting the DL first would save me $25 vs. getting it latter.  After a couple minutes I decided I hadn't needed a Florida Drivers License for two years now and my NC one was still good so I shelled out the $55.50 for the fishing license and crawfish stamp.

While all that was printing I asked a question that has been asked multiple times before both in person and on the phone.  "I have an Alabama dinghy with a bill of sale only, can I get it titled in FL?"   Expecting the previous laughs and giggles, shaking head and big NO's as before I was surprised when she asked for a minute to check on something.  After talking to a couple of people, calling Alabama and printing a page from the internet she said SURE!.  But the title must state it was without a motor.  WOW!  Oh the paper work is in Gemini Dreams!  another 1/2 mile walk and mile row.

I folded my new fishing license and slipped it into my wallet.  After rowing back to the boat I had to tell the Fisher King that we were staying another day!  Unhappy little man.

The next morning as he woke up I already had the little motor off Gemini Dreams and on the dinghy.  His eyes lit up like Christmas morning.  All kinds of questions came but I only gave the answer we are trying.  So off we motored.  INSTEAD OF ROWING!

We walked into the tax office with the documents and the printed page from the day before.  Of course the person we talked to was already at lunch but the next person was cordial and processed our paperwork.  All said and done and we shelled out $135 to make it happen.  Sign here, sign there put your phone number here in case we need to contact you.  

We have owned the dinghy for three years and finally have a Florida Title and can make longer journeys from the main boat!  We ran off to West Marine to get the required numbers and we would have the option to motor our dinghy as we see the need.  Our next adventure was to motor all the way around Boot Key Harbor as it has been too far to row.  We could now use the other dinghy dock since it is so far away.  We also took a trip out Sister's Creek just because we never have.  We could now join the fun at Gilligan's Island on Saturdays.  We could go... and go...

Ring Ring  Mr. Wines this is... from the Title Office.  We have a problem with your title.


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