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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi, We found a couple of errors on the paperwork

We found a couple errors on the paperwork but have fixed them and just need you to re authorize the payment.  The first payment has been refunded.  No money left on the MC until it is returned and they don't take VISA!  Good news is they charged me for an 18 foot boat and the correction will save me some money in a couple days.  But how to complete the transaction of a Friday afternoon with only 10 minutes left and we are sitting at anchor.

This obviously became another day problem so she voided her corrections to wait for the upcoming week.  Monday is so far away we take off for Bahia Honda the next day before the last of the 20 knot wind is gone.  With some big chop, really big chop, coming from mostly east, or south east, but bouncing off the shores and getting stirred buy the reef we sailed toward Bahia Honda.  We make it from Burdine's at 11:27 to fully anchored, set up, downloading some TV and ready to go ashore before 1:30!  I think that is my quickest time for that leg of the trip.

We banged around using the motor on the dinghy until Tuesday (The Fisher King's favorite day) not Monday.  Keeping the registration and numbers in a zip lock baggy just in case we were stopped and questioned.  The closest we came was when I forgot the cash on the boat and I made a quick trip from the basin to the boat and back.  I arrived right between two Florida fish and game officers standing outside their trucks.  I tied the dinghy up, nodded and off I went.  (Stay tuned for the Bahia Honda Page later)  The plan was I got a call and didn't put them on but we tried  or  I need to alcohol it down first and we will get to it today.

Tuesday we row in at Bahia Honda and take the bus to Marathon and the Tax Office.  Neither of the previous employees that help us are there.  So up to the "next"call we went.  "Hi, I got a call Friday that there was an issue with out paperwork."  "What kind of issue?"  "It was listed as 18 feet instead of 8 feet..."  This is where she goes "Okay, I know all about that."  Over the next 10 minutes she typed and asked and typed and handed.  I signed a couple of lines and shelled out some cash then with a smile she said thanks.  "All good?  No problems?" I asked as I clicked on the bus schedule to see if we could catch this run back to Bahia Honda.  The next question was are the numbers the same?  "Should be" she responded.  Woo Hoo!  Paper work in hand and 4 minutes until the bus arrives.  I rush The Fisher King out trying to get to the bus stop in time.

Bus comes and off we go back to the park  No calls yet!


Vrooom Vrooom,

MickyD's and the resort internet are being very slow to upload so we will post some picks once the speed improves. Reminds me of the Straw Market in Bimini.  The Fisher King has been taking a few pics at Bahia Honda

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