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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo Update 1-20-13

Music class, Boat School.  Laid Back Marina

The Fisher King took his camera out for a stroll.

Banana Spider, looks very similar to a garden spider from NC

 Peeking around the corner

 Company during "Ice Cream Time"

Red Wing Black Bird

 Bahia Honda Fun Facts

 Hawks Channel viewed from the old bridge trail

No it is not a Monarch

 Striped Whiptail

 What am I?

 Slack tide parallel and bridges with an easterly breeze

Diamondback Anole,  could you imagine a 6 foot rattler with legs?

 Guessed yet?

 Gulf Fritillary

 I really thing the Fisher King was Godzilla in an earlier life.

 All the way up here and no lizards.

White Crane at Bahia Honda


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