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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Grand Day Out

Following the death and despair of the "Great Pestilence" Humanity raised forth like a phoenix.  What was destroyed by silk rises to triumphant joy.  The love of life and living, post apocalyptic "Black Plague", set the tables for knowledge, science, literature and art to defy the Catholic Monarchy.    Running rampant across the whole of Europe for 300 years, names like Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Joan of Arc, Galileo, Columbus and Magellan made their mark on the world.  This was the greatest time Earth.  The true good vs evil.  The exploration of self and world.

Knowing what I know today I sure would miss a few things.  Things like computers, electricity and not being sliced in battle by a sword.  The get a taste, ever so mildly, we delved through the commercialization, touristas, and time clock to explore the "Renaissance".  There was not a multi-million dollar set to keep Keith Ledger in the spot light today.  Making you wonder how well did the paupers hear the announcements at the Joust.  As I sat there running over and over the scenarios of instigating the stomp, stomp and clap needed to bring forth the "We will rock you..." chant the evil twin stopped me.  After all I could not pull off "We are the Champions"

Sometimes I hate the evil twin in this bipartisan life.  You know the rational one that takes all the fun out of life.  The one suffering from pantophobia utterly ripping all car top surfing from the play list.  But without this cautionary evilness I most certainly would be in jail, rehab, casts or coffins.  Often the evil pairs with those closest to me and keeps me straight and narrow.  But I always have momentary lapses even when reeled in.

This is an event best visited by your inner adventurer with like minded souls.  Best visited in dramatic robe Characterization of your inner self.  Leave the social conformist at the net cafe for the day.  Release the librarian, let her hair down, lace up the corset and let's go party.

For just a pint of your dearest crimson red or a discount price of $15.95 you could be a knight in shinning armor for the day.  Possibly some poor soul in the crowd could start a chant in your honor.  That is if you brought your own.  Or a pirate, wench, siren, fairy, or anything else you felt like being.  Even a 21st century tourist if you must.  (Forgive us for leaving the camera half way in the middle of the journey to here, we had to use the iPhone resulting in less photos and videos)

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2013

Speaking in tongues of Sean Connary

Joust Bay Renaissance Festival 2013 Tampa Fl

Once the lawyer inspired safety check is completed, it doesn't stop with the dismount

Hi baby girl

The Fisher King and the War Horse

Where would any becalmed sailor be without the fantasy and lure of the Seirenes?  Without Orpheus, or Odysseus aboard we would surely parish.  

It takes only a moment to cruise eternity 
The Odyssy

Very alluring Siren

2013 Bay Renaissance Festival

Dance of the Sirens

Sirena by The Seelie Players 3-3-13 Live clip 1, homepage

Raidne, Aglaope and Aglaope

Sirena by The Seelie Players 3-3-13 Live clip 2, facebook

Beware what dwells in the forest above

The crowd shot

I wish we could have had more in this section.  The Highland Games.
But compared to Grandfather Mountain this was an inverse mole hill.
The hang man must have gotten the to the invitations.


Craic as the day became Winnie The Pooh blustery, facebook

another video from their performance last year

Lords and Ladies parade

For now we must return to the boat but we leave you with hope.

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