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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Life, Old Life and Wee life

First, we need to congratulate the crew that used to be aboard another Albin Vega.  Wee Happy, better known as Kristopher and Lita (Lala) are proud new parents of a baby boy.  For us we will consider him Wee One until further notice and earning of his actual name.  If you ever come back to the USA we must have another day out.  Better yet maybe I could get to Costa Rica.  Congratulations guys!

What is that ahead in the fog?

The familiar Vega, s/v Mini Pearl.  Just across it's bow you can see s/v Sjöjungfru another Vega

This morning I had a message on the phone.  Seems the annual pilgrimage from Panama City to the Bahamas has commenced.  We just spent a couple hours on one of these boats, another Vega, s/v Mini Pearl.  (There are currently 3 Vegas anchored here at the bridge.  Catching up with all that has been and will be.  We really miss Happy hour with this crowd of cruisers!  Too bad we missed you Barb but seeing Espin was great.  Hi Rick & Audrey... way down there in Cortez missed seeing you guys too.  All of you have a great time in the Bahamas!

Espin, s/v Mini Pearl arrived yesterday afternoon from Panama City.
His simplistic wisdom inspires us, but don't tell him.

Last weekend we chose to miss the St Patrick's Day Fest and spend the day with family.  It was just a small cookout with burgers but what we ate was trivial to the sense of family.  Thanks for the invitation.

Papa Joe keeping him interested in guitar

 Our most often used internet connection's view
You can buy one of the "condo slips" for a ridiculous amount of money
(notice they are still empty except the one "bait you in" boat)

Our last day in Key West the snow cone truck quit early for the day!
It took until now for us to find a replacement for the cone I owed the Fisher King.


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