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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lions, Lambs and Squid Oh My

We have noticed out blog getting a little stale lately!  Mind you we posted lots of photos while combining some of the Fisher King's Boatschool with the main blog but it just feels stale to us.  What does this mean to you guys out there actually pretending to be entertained by my sarcastic optimistically pessimistic point of view?  It means more intense combinations of colloquiall expressions skewed to make out point.  It means more euphemisms, hyperbole, metonyms, malapropism, metaphors and of course simi-plagiaristic referrals to iconic moments of my childhood.

The childhood of the "inbetweeners".  Too young to be a true dressed in polyester sportsuit brown bagging "Boomer".  To old to be part of generation "X".  Still in school during Vietnam and too old during the Gulf War.  Legal after Woodstock, the marches and the passing of Moon the Loon.  Armed with the wisdom of Gilligan, Archie, Gomer, Andy and Jeanie we ventured out into the land of old people, changing the face of the Nation.  There was no longer the Hippies (My high school ring where ever it may rest had a peace sign), Moonies or even Sheriff Buford Pusser we had become a society of mongrels.  But just the start mind you, as Archie was rerunning issues with George and Meat Head.  As one was "moving on up" we were no longer surrounded by Angels and but by the blues of Hillstreet.  Our only fix for reality came from duct tape and a Swiss Srmy knife.  MacGyver.  Our only fix from reality came in Quantum Leaps and Alf.  Our music came with a different beat offering not only Rock and Roll to chastise the Boomers but "New Wave".  From 52 Sex Pistals Calshing a Flock of Seagulls we were resurecting Elvis but calling him Costello.

We were the beginning of "He who dies with the most toys wins!"  A terrible combination with tents under I-95.  The beginning of the end of glamour rock and public addition.  Night clubs and Long Islands.  Fast cars and sexy women.  Not a care in the world as we were invincible.  Then the call came.  One of us had died.   Not the arse, not the drugged out, not even the militaristic one chasing Iran.  But the one every one else liked.  We were breakable and destined to become our parents in trivial meaningless little lives.  Although better dressed.  My self was lost in an endless paradox revolving around an artificial need for affection.  Blinded to my true identity.

A Vegabond,  wanting to travel the world willing to due meaningless jobs in trade for food and supplies.  It is the nature of my stars and moon.  A Gemini forever cursed with the view of both sides.  Forever blessed with the understanding of both.  An antagonistic pacifist that loves to push buttons and watch reactions.  One that had rather spend the day swaying above the anchor below as the tide rises and falls than to live the "American Dream".

This morning the wind was calm, just fluttering about, allowing the tide to drift the keel.  In like a lamb is would so seem.  But what is the cut off point?  Is there an average of the first 3 days or 5 days?  If so then the forecast has it all squid'd up!  Calms to near gale over the first 5 days of March.  Both conditions is multiple days.  Is this a Lamb or a Lion?  Does it really matter in a conceivable way other that making a topic for today's post?  We were basking in the sun of the Keys during the 2nd of February so we do not even know how long winter is this season.  So Punxsutawney Phil would you like a wine box, some sticks and a mylar balloon?  I'm sure you could sail south too.

Our future blogs future will cover more of the little things that make sailing and cruising (living aboard) more enjoyable for us.  Things that make us unhappy or sad.  And that which allows us to continue to live this life.  There will be good things and bad things.  Necessary things and needful things.  Explorations of the Florida Peninsula   And we will increase the sharing of Boatschooling (homeschooling) information.

But for today this is all I have.  Just a hope


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