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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eclipse (A Piece for Assorted Lunatics)

Lunacy;  that which excuses random acts of stupidity.  Everyone has those moments when shortly in the future you will realize that was just unwise.  I had a moment like that a while back when I thought for a short moment in time that combining our blogs and increasing the content about Boatschool would make my life simpler. Well that was just... well... stupid.  Even though I had not pressured The Fisher King into keeping up with his blog and I cross trained his school work to do double duty as a post for our blog the result is total Lunacy.  Although having multiple personalities is great for the conversations when alone it has quickly proven to be a little "Sybil" on a blog.

So this is what reality comes our way.  The svGeminiDreams.blogspot will continue as it has in the past.  The Fisher King's Blog will hang around until next fall when I once again make it part of Boatschool.  There will also be a new voice within our head.  A blog just for our boatschool, s/v Gemini Dreams Boatschool,  since the simple "Boatschool" was taken already.  This way all the cruisers, Vegaterians and Vegabonds are no longer forced to sit in class.  Unless they choose to.  There will be times when we utilize the cross bred pictorial posts possibly with a dual posting.  For now we will only maintain those three as if I posted the random thoughts that crossed neurons daily I would soon alienate more than I have so far.

The following episodes of "Wit Is Educated Insolence", whatever they shall be called will air on our new boatschool blog: svgeminidreamsboatschool

Eclipse (A Piece for Assorted Lunatics)  was an optional title to The Dark Side of the Moon.


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