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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wit Is Educated Insolence

"Wit is educated insolence."

  --  Aristotle
no not the pelican

Sometimes you never know the exact moment a casual thought becomes reality within your consciousness.  Then there are times catastrophic surrealism just slaps you in the face.  My decision to Boatschool The Fisher King received one of those not so gentile slaps when we caravanned from the mountains to the sea.  Leading to the resulting turmoil and agonizing decisions over the following months.  (His sister tried the FVS for a coupe weeks but hated it)  Before all the internet searches, course summaries, state expectations, and the nuts and bolts of making it work there was that epiphany.  The moment The Fisher King came home and said, "They don't want me to write in cursive.  They are not there yet."

I spent my whole life in high school looking like the left handed right handed kid with my paper turned 120 degrees counter clockwise.  Scratching flowing streaks made artistic transformations of the alphabet.  More like a flamboyant cardiograph print out, my signature style was just that, my style.  Difficult to read until you mastered the abstract capitals.  I'm sure I would have scored better in Language arts if I just cared more about a participle than my N's.

So that one moment in time and a thousand others led us sail off together.  Over the last two years we have battled and strought.  Stretched our relationship.  Tested the nerves.  Learned somethings and have forgotten others.  Achieved more than we expected while falling short on what we assumed.  Have we progressed The Fisher King into his version of cursive style?  Not really, but at least it has given myself one positive attribute of the public system.  The ability to eventually, possibly, maybe force you to learn something you don't really care about even if they don't mean to.  After all, Carnegie and the boys wanted to keep most of us flipping burgers, before it was a burger we were flipping.

What we have found in this rapidly progressing digital civilization is language evolving ever so rapidly making the world ONE.  As we move closer and closer to neural implants communicating with Bits and Bytes at the speed of the human brain no one will care about my N's.  We have failed to even type in complete words and sentences.  Although archaic and ludicrous the upcoming days will once again work toward proficient cursive.  For as the machines rise we will need John Connor to be able to write.

Just currious where do the 4 states under $8,000 rank?

There I've gone wandering rampantly off on a tangent when I originally intended this post to be about assessing the near completion on our second year in Boatschool.  Recapping things from the last year and posting thoughts that have changed.  Posting ways to save on the high cost of education, LOL, that is a damn joke!  Florida spends about $9,000 (DC is about $19,000) per year on each student but needs the parents to pay for field trips, supplies, and even bring the mandated tissue boxes.  If we could get a $9,000 homeschool credit/refund on our taxes since we didn't use the system I think that would be awesome.

Damn another tangent!  Oh well looks like this post is going to be broken into smaller posts about Boatschool.  I'll try to post the money savings stuff first.


The Fisher King is currently completing Book Four of the HP series, Goblet Of Fire

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