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Thursday, January 19, 2012

An almost lovely day sailing...

Day six of the 2012 cruise..  okay it is seven weeks after day one.

the Fisher King preparing for a nap in the cold cockpit 

The motor was a little temperamental this morning but not too bad. Too bad since I just spent too much on getting it fixed. I left the motor running, better to test it all out while close to help. The wind was great and most of the days sail was a broad reach. This made great time with the tide and motor assist.
There is this really great looking place at Wetappo Creek where the old creek bed USED to flow. You know long before the inter coastal was cut. Whe depth should be about 7 feed inside but the problem was the previous dredging has made the edge of the inter coastal have a sand bar before the pocket. We went Bummmp, and we have found the bottom. Good thing we tested the depth sounder and it passed, -.2 feet is touching bottom. The motor did it's thing and went from forward to reverse and pulled us off. Then it died. Pull, Pull, Pull, and finally it was on it's way again. I chose to stop just inside Wetappo Creek incase there were issues. After getting all anchored we tried fishing. BUGS! Millions! We gave up and made dinner, then hid below for the rest of the evening.

Sunset at Wetappo Creek


  1. What kind of bugs? Skeeters?

    1. not small enough to be a no see um but too small to be a gnat. I have driven through mayfly hatches and love bugs that were no match in shear numbers.