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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well as adventures go this one keeps kicking our ass...

From puppy dog eyes hoping for a delay keeping us at the dock until Christmas to Mercury the dark black money sucking hole we still have not left!  We were to leave on January 1st according to our updated updated updated itinerary.  All we needed to do was grab some fresh produce and a couple of sodas to enjoy between here and the Keys.  But as things would be...  Life sucks at the moment.  Our slip is randomly pounded by wakes from passing sport fishers and of course the NSA Panama City.  We also get hit from SW winds pretty hard.  Oh and the growth from oysters and other creatures has been a battle.  Scraping the hull and foot every month have not been enough.  Staying here is like sitting in alien laden acid with arms that keep reaching up to claim you.  If the salt corrosion doesn't dissolve every part of your boat the growth eats you seal by seal.   We have had several boats in the anchorage wash ashore during heavy winds due to the anchor lines cutting themselves from the oyster growth.  We thought about going to anchor and saving the $300 a month but after the first summer storm and seeing the possibilities we remained tied here within the box.  Well being stern to for so long may have been just as bad financially.   Cost of current engine repairs has totaled...$888.81

Being at the marina you gain real restrooms, a shower, and step off the boat to land.  You also get power (we were here for 3 months before we cared to plug in), cable tv (still never plugged in to cable) and internet (could get it from the anchorage maybe).   But it has cost us $4000 over the stay!  During that time we have also had a $600 bicycle stolen (Tin's was stolen too but a little before I got to town)!  So the price of staying in this little hole?  Over 4 grand with the engine work!   If we have to come back to PC we will look for other arrangements for a location to stay.  Maybe Massilina Bayou where s/v Raindrop and s/v Mini Pearl have been staying.

Just to compare pine cones and key limes the same amount of time in the Keys would have been less than $1000 or so and I would still have my bike! (maybe?)   The City Marina in Marathon is only $147 a month if anchored for better facilities. You are closer to Publix and Home Depot.  The "community" is all about living aboard and voyaging.  The fishing is better, the water is better and the barnacle growth in the keys was WAY less.  Oh and you are in the Florida Keys!

Hope to be here by mid February

Current modified once again plan is to make it to Marathon stock up with fresh produce and take the first weather window to the Bahamas!    Now if only the rest of family will move to the keys while we are in the Bahamas.

After The Fisher King's birthday we are out of here!  I hope! Please?

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