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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Panama City Hospitality strikes again...

I have been coming to PC for about 25 years,  over that time I have realized that PC has two faces.  The first face is all smiles and pretentious.  The second face is money grabbing greed to hell with you.  Other than beautiful beaches except in the summer sea weed season there is little to keep the blue collar person here.  The City itself is guilty repression, long political ramble.  As an example the pay here compared to NC is 30% less for the same company doing the same job.  I used to love this place when I spent all my free time diving and on the beach.  Now I can't wait to leave.

Josh, which has been touring the Great Loop and is currently about 25% of the way around, has been in several publications.  He is becoming known by cruising community, with the AGLCA, with the Kayak community, the fishing and pretty much with anyone seeking adventure here on the east coast and further.  He has a following in other words.  You would think that a marina would try to capitalize on some free publicity and cut him some slack when the wind blows and the rain comes down.  Well not in PC!  He seems to have been kicked out of town so to speak.  Without a 45 footer to suck up a nightly transient cost this town doesn't want him.  If I spent time on the hook instead of paying the transient slip price I would probably have been ran out too.  There must be fine print under the sign "Welcome to the World's Most Beautiful Beaches"  that says deposit $100 or get the F#*! out!


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