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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Milestone 10,000

 s/v Gemini Dreams has reached a milestone yesterday.  Ten thousand (10,000) margaritas since coming aboard. No just kidding but we did hit 10,000 page views on the blog.  Yes for some unknown reason there seems to be a following of people interested in my pessimistic optimism sarcastic point of view.  Maybe it is just all about the Fisher King catching fish and the story of a young boy enjoying life in this current society.  Maybe it is all the links to other Vega blogs or misc stuff posted in the margins.

Over the last year we have ventured and lie captive at a dock.  We have lost 5 pair of sunglasses overboard one pot lid, three or four cans of food, fishing pole (luckily caught the next day), flip flops, and a hat.  We have lost 3,546 fishing lures and used 20 pounds of Gulp or at least it feels that way.  There has been the lost of two net-books, one cell phone and something else expensive I just can't remember right now.   We have met new friends and try to keep in touch with old ones.  We have seen family for the first time and missed family of old.  We have crossed paths with old friends from high school and past lives.  It has been a wonderful not to be in the "American Dream" so stereotyped by the masses.

It may be possible to actually anchor in Key West this year, or at least make a few more attempts.  (If you have been reading since early March you know the joke)


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