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Friday, January 6, 2012

It is a new year you know, the end of the world according to...

Polar shifts, ice ages, near misses with meteors, stone tablets, global warming, ancient calendars  My oh my what a wonderful year to come.  If we as a society actually worked to make the world a better place we would welcome evolution and not fear our kids may be taught it.  We would have explored the 6th sense and not burned those we called witches. Through out time we have persecuted those that have taken us to the next level and pampered those that have held us back, in the name of humanity!  So many search for the meaning of life but  what if they actually find it.  Will they be burned at the stake?  Why is it that antibiotics and narcotics are okay but gene splicing is not? The world and the World's Population will continue to evolve and those fears of today will become myths of tomorrow.  Sitting here in a foggy morning making "Lockness" cracks with a local spear fisherman would not have been taken so lightly in 1977 Scotland.  We have changed the course of Columbus, our history has been rewritten without apologies to those that came before.  If in 2236 we have tapped the ability to communicate with our minds do we acknowledge the witches of old as the predecessor?  If in 2273 cloning and gene splicing are the norm, no longer with cancer or colds, do exalt Hitler?

My point is we continue to change our minds on what is good and evil.  First we ban cannibus but allow tobacco now... We are trying to ban tobacco and allow cannibus.  Weapons are good...weapons are bad.  You get the point.  So for a new years resolution we all should open our minds that our point of view is not necessarily right but may not be wrong either.  Like these guys (Andromeda Council), should you burn them at the stake or hail them as a savior of humanity.  Maybe in a few year they will just fade away like the Moonies or Hare Chrishnas, but wait, they are still here, along with us Christians that have killed so many in the name of God.  Oh damn!  I'm rambling.  back to 2012

Okay here I am cracking on 2012 again.  Funny thing is I have stores of food and water, a mobile living space, self sufficient electricity,  my transportation is either human or wind powered,  I have redundant communication and even a flashlight.  Oh my I am going to die, the end is coming!  Wait, wait, wait!  We are just going cruising again.

It is a fight over the tithe

Just an analogy:  If Christopher Columbus discovered America but Didn't discover it first and there were already humans here. And we can't decide which of the 10 islands claim he landed there first.  And the Crown and the Church disagree on his voyage.  And Christopher Columbus is only his name by the Anglos.  But he was Italian no wait Purtegese, or maybe even Spanish.  So if we do not know where he is from...  we do not know where he went... and we are not alway positive where he is resting now.  How can anything ever be taken from fact that has been written with such BIAS?   Hey Zues


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