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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Cook Out Saturday 4-7

he wanted his PSP very bad

There was a cookout today a the little area near the dinghy beach.  After standing in line long enough to see what they had, plain fried chicken wings, cole slaw, cold fries, etc. we chose not to part with the $10 a plate.  The hot dogs that were on the poster  must have been out on a conch boat or on island time.  We used the time to socialize with other cruisers and just be with other people.  We met Pat and Matt off s/v Pat n Matt from Big Pine on a small catamaran flying the Conch Republic Flag.  She is a nurse and gave us a large zip-lock full of dressings.  (We stocked up on all kinds of first aid items but forgot bandages before leaving).  We also ran into Diane from s/v Silver Girl again and met her husband Robert this time (Diane and I talked at Bimini as Ayrton swam in the pool).  There was also the crew from s/v Free Fall that we met in the anchorage yesterday.  Along with other semi-familiar faces from this anchorage or the few before.  Tin's patience while I mingle in the crowd was great as was his polite interaction.  I just can't get him to associate with the local children or even boat kids. 

s/v Free Fallin and crew

The crew from s/v Silver Girl

Since we passed on the wing plate we chose to try the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for lunch as it would only be $2 a plate more for a burger!   This should be the premier eatery on the Island.  We have not had a burger since “who knows when” in a full service restaurant.  We have had the standard fast food in the states and even the microwave burgers at Bahia Honda.  After our lunch today we can not offer any good comments about SCYC's food.  Tin's burger was charred past well done, the bread was borderline toasted to black, the fries had no seasoning and the time we waited for extra mayo was island time.   My burger was just barely medium and had all the same issues as Tin's.  The microwave burgers at Bahia Honda are hands down the winner in a contest.  Also the R/O water at Bimini (BBWR) is great with no funny taste.  Here at SCYC it has that Carolina coast taste I remember from the 70's and 80's.  When I asked one of the locals if there was better water on the island they said “You can drink it, (referring to the R/O at  SCYC) but we buy bottled water.”  The water at Morgan's Bluff was better also.  The pool table had no cue ball either, as we found out after putting in our quarters.  Maybe we should have went for the $10 burger at the beach bar.

We found out a later, actually Easter Sunday PM that the burger at the Beach Bar was WAY BETTER, sodas are only a dollar, and the Sweet and Sour wings are great! 

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