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Monday, April 9, 2012

Staniel Cay 4-3

Welcome To Staniel Cay

We had to motor to Staniel Cay as the wind is always, well almost, out of the east or south-east.  When we arrived we glided over the shallows on the way into the anchorage.  We passed all the boats to port hanging out at Big Majors playing with the pigs.  The water was only 5 feet in spots and we were constantly staring at the 1 point something on the depth sounder (the clearance under the hull).  Here there are multiple places to drop the hook.  We chose to slip in behind the boats anchored in front of the marina, up behind the two anchored at the dinghy beach and as close to shore as we dared.  We were so close that I expected to bump on the bottom if the wind changed to the west.  We did this as this was as close the medical clinic as we could anchor and rowing was a royal pain in the ass (yes, more on that latter). 

ST Lukes Clinic just across the road and left from the Welcome to Staniel Cay Wall

When we arrived we found the clinic closed. We then chose to walk up to the “pink” grocer.   The “pink” grocer is only a couple houses down from the “blue” grocer (we didn't try).  As we approached there was an old woman outside and she asked if I was tired due to the way I was walking.  I gave her the information she requested and the younger person sitting with here then made a phone call and told us the nurse should be back in the clinic in a few minutes to make sure to go back by on our way to the boar.  Their shelves were barren and sometimes I wonder why they continue to compete against each other instead of doing something else.  We had a soda and Tin got some gum as a treat.  Tomorrow the produce will be here and we will take the longer walk to Isles General Store for some items (they must have gave up on color names).  Later we found out the blue store has much more than the pink store and if you don't want to walk to Isles General Store it is much closer to the anchorage but farther than from the dinghy.

Blue Store, Pink Store, Yellow Store...My, oh my, where will little Cindy Lou Who shop?

Inside the pink store, this is it plus three isles of empty shelves.  Cash only!

Inside the blue store, there are more items around but cash only!

Inside Isle General Store .  Credits cards are okay but say so at the beggining of the purchase and there is a 5% premium.

Bridge at Bonefish Creek

Nurse sharks off the fish cleaning table at Staniel Cay Yacht Club

While walking around we went by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club to check prices.  LOL!  Local Lobster $42  LOL!  The lowest priced entree on the menu is $26 for a single chicken breast and one side.  Lunch of course should be a little less but we will check on that later.

the Hustler

We made it to Isle General Store on day two.  They are pretty good by out island standards but just for reference a bag of chips in Bimini cost $4.75 here they are $6.80 and white loaf bread is $4.75 and wheat is $5.25.   Our small basket with 2 20 oz. sodas, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, eggs, bread came out to $15.00.   Minimum of a $35 purchase to use a credit card. 

Rowing from SCYC to s/v Gemini Dreams

As we rowed back to the boat (rowing is still a pain in the ass) at low tide the wind had changed to west and of course the keel was resting on the bottom.  It was only an hour until the tide would start to refill the anchorage so I rowed out the second anchor and waited until the tide lifted the boat so I  could pull us into a Bahamian Moor instead of a swinging on single anchor.  A few more days will be required here before we can continue on the cruise.


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