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Monday, April 9, 2012

Shaken!, not stirred. 4-9

Hanging on the wall at SCYC

In 1965 the filming of the latest James Bond 007 movie came to Staniel Cay.  The Staniel Cay Yacht Club still keeps the photos on the wall.  It is their claim to fame, still today, 48 years later.  A grotto carved out of the limestone by waves and loose rock over a millennium.   Water never sleeps!  Today it is a wonder step back into natural landmarks of old.  You get exactly what you are wanting.  You get to see the grotto with out the on site tourist t-shirt shop pushing you to buy shirts.  You get to see the grotto without guard rails or warning signs that you might get eaten by a shark.  You didn't even have to pay some tourist cattle boat to ferry you over, well some do.  The only restriction to assist in preservation is “No Fishing”  I am waiting on the the Fisher King to get in his mood over such rules.  

Luckily the mood never came.  We snorkeled not only inside the grotto but also around the island.  This is the best snorkeling we have seen so far in the Bahamas.

Cathedral Ceiling

We took a lap around the island too

 Not a bad pic for the go pro

 Bahamian Flounder with it's blue markings

The brains of the operation?

 A port hole a viewed from within

 Having issues with pics like this coming out good with the GoPro, too much movement and low light

 The canyon that leads out the north end of the grotto

 Even inside a cave Sargasso holds fish

Color is everywhere in the shallow water

just south of the entrance on the outside

Rare photo of the captain

We also have some Videos but need a better connection to upload them


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