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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Normans Cay 3-29

Last lobster of the season, makes all the previous ones look small

We had heard many things good about Normans Cay.  So when we arrived we were expecting a great time.  This being our first stop with any kind of civilization since Morgan's Bluff we wanted to contact home as we were getting a little bit past home sick.  Not to be home but our immediate family was missing from our life and we are getting lonely with out them.   When we finally arrived at the  anchorage it was beautiful, the first calm, picturesque, open anchorage that is in all the photos luring you to the Bahamas. 

Before you come you need to know that there is one business on the island,  the restaurant.  We paid 3 bucks for conch fritters in Bimini and received 9, here we paid 12 bucks and received 6.  Welcome to Exuma prices!  One plate of  fritters and one soda cost us 17 dollars to get out the door.  (More on that as we go along).  When we went to lunch they were out of almost everything.  They only had Chicken fingers and Conch.  No tequila. No triple sec, no beer, etc.  This stop became a Royal Bahamian Pain in the Ass (more on this in a later post).

Normans Cay anchorage and beach

If all goes well on the return trip we will stop and anchor near the coral heads and get some fish and maybe some conch on the places you just don't want to row to.

halo on the main


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