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Monday, April 9, 2012

Exumas Land and Sea Park 3-31

We found an "official" drift wood board on Allens Cay

the legend of Boo Boo Hill

Well we finally reached the holy land of the Bahamas, the Exumas Land and Sea Park.  So many things to do.  So many places to check out.  On top of the list was Boo Boo Hill, not just because my daughter's nick name is Boo Boo, but because it was our chance to place our mark in cruiser history.  Cruisers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to the Exumas Land and Sea Park, walk across the flooded desert, ascend the great mountain and leave their tablets in offering to communicate with At least until the next hurricane blows the drift wood back to the sea. 

A damp desert, the tidal creek on the way to Boo Boo Hill

The majestic 70 foot mountain know as Boo Boo Hill

Sara and Tevor from s/v Earendil,  
I suggested their next dinghy be named "There and Back Again"

I remember these guys!  They were part of the Wee Armada last year at Bahia Honda.  I really think traveling in a group of 2-4 boats is great.  It is like a continual dinner party on vacation.  Miss you guys Erindil, Wee Happy, and wave dancer.  I was not able to find any of the Vega drift wood from those I know of that cruised here last year or this.  S/v Velocir is ahead of us this year and Mini Pearl is not far behind.

South east from Boo Boo Hill

 View North with the Fisher King with his hands on his face in awe of his surroundings
He could have been antagonizing Poseidon for all I actually know.

Our mark in history

Next was to get Tin to some really good snorkeling spots as he was needing some time in the water.  I had been expecting a mecca of underwater species.  What could be better than a protected area in the middle of the Bahamas.  We ended up letting this pass for two reasons. 

First, There was the attitude of the Fisher King.  He was suffering terribly from the “rules” of the park.  The Whole park approximately 20 miles long and over 8 miles wide is a “no take” zone.  NO CONCH, NO LOBSTER, NO FISH, NO SHELLS, NO PLANTS, NO ANIMALS, NO, NO NO....  It was more than the little guy could deal with.  If he couldn't spear or collect conch he didn't want to get wet.  I think I heard “I HATE THIS PLACE!” three hundred and eighty seven times in our two days here.  Those 387 times were randomly divided by "I'm bored!"  What a spoiled child I have this week.

Second, I had a real pain in the ass (more later) rowing the dinghy anywhere.  I was getting hard to even walk.

With the diving not as much fun anymore we were hoping for a good wind to take us to Staniel Cay.  When we woke it was not just going to happen today, so we sat here doing much of nothing, we I was listening to “I hate this place” most of the time.  I thought of breaking down and getting some time on the internet for $10 a day but the real cost is you must be on a mooring which meant it would be $35 for one day of internet.  That is over $1000 a month for internet! LOL  So we passed even though we were home sick to talk to the girls and really to to tell them all is okay since we have not connected since Morgan's Bluff. 

Later that night, only a few days away from a full moon, we watched a ray swim around in the moon light.  The water was flat and you could actually see the grass strands on the bottom of the anchorage.  We are still debating the issue of Spotted Eagle Ray vs. Southern Sting Ray.  I was hopping to spot a shark cruising near by as we were board at this point in time. 


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