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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Berserk: Nordvestpassasjen i Antarktis

Those of you reading my site because of the Albin Vega may also be familiar with Berserk.  Berserk was sailed by the "Vikings" to Antarctica.

"The final shot was a very sad one indeed, Berserk slowly sinking below the cold waves whilst the crew looked on from the rescue boat. A very sad end to a very plucky yacht......"VAGB

The book is available here:  Berserk: My Voyage to the Antarctic in a Twenty-Seven-Foot Sailboat
This is the story about the lone sailor who took onboard two strangers at the worlds end, and sailed through one of the world's most dangerous waters to Antarctica, in a 27 foot sailboat. The book tells the story of three men on a unpredictable journey, including mutiny at high sea, capsizing in stormy waters and the ship’s watery fate in Moby Dicks kingdom. The DVD includes TV2's documentary "Berserk in Antarctica".

And here: Berserk in the Antarctic: Sailing to the World's Most Untameable Continent: Sailing to the World's Most Uninhabitable Continent

After the sinking of Berserk they decided to upgrade and double the length of their boat.  They no longer sailed an Albin Vega.  They attacked the Northwest Passage and then back to Antarctica.

I just received this information: http://explorersweb.com/oceans/news.php?id=19973

Other articles:

Some good news: 
The yacht Berserk is still missing, but the captain and one of the crew is reported alive and well.


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