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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rock Harbor ... 2/3-2/4/11

I had been craving a Cheeseburger all day (day 6 on the boat).  By anchoring in Rock Harbor I cut the dinghy row from almost a mile down to a quarter of a mile.  Hanging out with the locals for sure!  There were boats here that couldn't move on their own much less when did they move last.  Anchored at dark and yelled over to the nearest guy (on the top of his mast) for burger directions.  He sent me to the local "dive" after laughing because I wanted a burger.   Ballyhoo's was actually the name and turns out to be one of those historic type places.  At $18.00 out the door for a burger and tea you would expect better. I was complaining to the bartender about no margaritas (beer wine only) and didn't think about it until he said "You've been on the boat for a week and all you want is a margarita and cheeseburger in paradise"

I stayed two nights here. Not because the lack of margaritas but since I needed a few supplies. To stay in a place one day turns out to be "arrival day, night, day at location, night, departure day" otherwise making the next anchorage is iffy. Work out day row 1/4 mile, walk 13 miles, row 1/4 mile.  Sure did think about the "all you can eat" stone crabs as I passed Ballyhoo's.  Next morning was high tide and out of rock harbor,  Uneventful considering I was occasionally touching bottom at low tide.

these awesome jelly fish are everywhere

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