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Monday, February 7, 2011

Camino Real, For real? More Bridges? 2/1/11

Well the next day was more bridges!

Hillsborogh Blvd Bridge
NE 14th Street Bridge
Atlantic Blvd Bridge
Commercial Blvd Bridge
Oakland Park Blvd Bridge
Sunrise Blvd Bridge
Las Olas Blvd Bridge
17th Street Bridge
Dania Beach Blvd Bridge

....decided to start trolling for fish here.   Using my Penn 750 with Shimano Jigging rod and braided line.  For a lure I put on a Yo-zuri minnow Gold and Black.  I hooked up a Jack Crevel before the next bridge and missed the damn opening during the fight.
Sheridan Street Bridge

I tossed the lure back out as soon as I passed through the bridge at Sheridan.  I first thought I was hung on some cable or something because within seconds of closing the bail the drag started to scream.  As I slowed the boat the drag slowed.  Ok, I am hung up and good thing I have 20 pound leader as the main line is 80 pound braid.  I get ready to break it off and then all hell breaks loose.  Within 20 seconds of closing the bail I had hooked another Jack Crevel that just wanted to stay where he was.  After the guys fishing on the bank saw the jack they a little envious but offered the thumbs up.
I anchored for a short lunch in North Lake (Hollywood key hole north).  After pulling anchor and starting on my way, I hooked the 3rd Jack Crevel between North Lake and South Lake (Hollywood key hole south).  Just as I crossed under Hollywood Blvd Bridge
Hollywood Blvd Bridge

I continued to troll the Yo-zuri but all that remained in Miami was damn lizard fish.  They are kind of like the Gremlins of the fish world.  If animal from Sesame Street had fins!  I put the rod away after catching 6 or 7 and getting into the sea weed a few times.

Hallandale Beach Bridge
Sunny Isles Bridge
Broad Causeway Bridge

leaving Miami
leaving Miami, 18 Miles later!
Anchored for the night off the east shore of Biscayne Bay at Indian Creek Country Club.  The local water patrol stayed in my general area for a couple of hours.  Maybe the first time someone anchored there?  lol   I could get just enough wifi to check part of my emails.

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  1. Nice!

    We were talking about how much fun you're having today while we're slinging steel at work. Not fair....Not fair.