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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vegas in WINDY Boot Key Harbor

I got word from Wee Happy yesterday that they are in Boot Key also!  Such a small world but a big harbor,  maybe we can get together in the next few days.  s/v Wee Happy

Any other Vegas in the area want to drop in over the next week?  We can call it the Boot Key Vega Rendezvous or something.

Over the last two days we have seen some high winds from the N-NW.  Just in my little corner of the harbor, a 50'cabin cruiser drug anchor Friday night, an Island Packet drug anchor yesterday and small cabin cruiser next to me went to Davy Jones Locker in the midst of the night.  It looked like the boat from Jaws, complete with a hole in the side, just waiting to sink and a head pop out. Don't know about the head!  But anything that would float on that boat is in the mangroves.
I didn't ever get the name of this boat,  should be called "Too Close for Comfort" seems that everyday it was closer to me.
I do know it has a hole in the side.  I wonder if it looks like this picture from "Jaws" now.
The Full Circle belongs to Bill from Mobile AL,  this is not the boat that went down!  Good luck on your trip "up" the east side.  Maybe we'll meet again when you come back out the Okeechobee Canal.

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