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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marathon - Boot Key Harbor ... 2/6/11 until...

For the record, Boot Key Harbor bridge is no longer there.A dead road without a draw bridge.  Seems it failed to pass the inspection and was marked unsafe two years ago.  If wasn't until this past October that the draw was removed.  

Anchorage is free in Boot Key Harbor but you have to pay for dinghy docks at  $45 a week.  It is almost $14 a day, which is what I first paid for.  Once I realized how close everything was I upgraded to a week. You can get the more expensive moorings but they are just that more expensive.  I didn't buy an anchor 2 sizes too big to worry about mooring balls.  Things are good here.  Almost everything is withing one mile of the harbor.  Hell-mart doesn't come into the keys but there is still K-mart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Drug stores, and the regular small shops around.  West Marine is even only a half mile from the marina.  With new tires and tubes on "DJ" the bike (yes I have started to name everything) getting around is easy.  No I don't have a Wilson yet!

Besides Today is Super Bowl Sunday, about the only time I watch pro football and commercials!

This will give me a few days to get some projects done!

BKH Project one: WIFI : I purchased a Bad Boy Xtreme (they named, it not me) before I left for the boat and have been trying to get it installed and working since.  Never any time.  Finally got everything installed and working on the laptop with XP but I am still having W7 issues on the main computer.  After initial installation I went from 4 hot spots to 45 hot spots.  Most are keyed but I was able to check my email at the far end of Boot Key Harbor.  If I move my anchor to the east end of the anchorage I may have more chances and should be able to connect directly to the Marina.  I can see it with the BBX but it is still too weak.  This is with the antenna in the cabin. Today, 2-10, the antenna is at the top of the mast (after 6 trips up and down doing this and the mast light).  
***update: this is being updated from on board by BBX , life is good ***

BKH Project two: Orca TRI- light 

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