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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pumpkin Key ... 2/2/11

Pumpkin Key is a small little inhabited island in Card Sound.  Just south and finally out of Biscayne Bay.  I had this as a back up anchorage to Long Arseniscker but as I approached the single sailboat already residing there seemed more inviting.  Giving the early boat a wide birth I anchored for the night and even found some slow wifi.  The world was very peaceful and quite here, depth was good and holding was good.  I awoke to one of those foggy on the surface mornings that all the movies have, even better than in Hobe Sound.  

This was the turning point, actually one of several, but the last one I had scheduled for the great question.  Bahamas or not?  I chose to remain in the keys and work my way toward the Dry Tortugas.  
Leaving Pumpkin Key
This was also one of the last passages to the "outside" and Hawks Channel.  The passage through Angelfish creek started out intimidating since the depth sounder was constantly hitting 4.5'.  Once inside the channel the depth stabilized at around 7-8' and only thing to worry about then was the ripping current.
Once on the outer markers I passed an 80' foot trawler trying to make the creek.  I warned the captain about the north half of the Card Sound entrance being only about 4.5' as we passed.

The Atlantic finally!  Hoist the sails. Today was great all the way until it was time call it a day in Key Largo.  Key Largo is built up around the great diving and that brings all the commerce to the north end of the island.  According to Pappy you can anchor outside Largo Channel.  I found nothing but 3' and rocks.  Thought I would try inside Largo Sound since that is 5-6'.  Found more shallow water and a very long channel and extremely narrow entrance that you have to share with commercial traffic. Once out of the "Hell Zone"  I aimed for Rodriguez Key.  On the way to Rodriguez I made the decision to anchor out at Rock Harbor.  

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