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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out with the old in with the New!

The old running rigging
As with any sailboat that is more than 5 years old, it comes a time to replace all the running rigging.  After weeks of checking various Vega photos, layouts, and websites, I made the decision to go with most of the lines ran to the cockpit.  Even with most of the hardware on board (Lines, clutches, winches, organizers, etc) fitting such a massive project while cruising is just....TOO MUCH WORK!  For the time being the halyards are going to be a little too long so that when I get to the new layout everything is good.  I chose Endura Braid from New England Ropes for most of the lines and halyards.  You can get it for $2.68 a foot for 10mm and if you buy a spool you get a 20% discount.  I chose black for as much UV protection as I could and to make the navy canvas stand out more.  I did have a couple of Sta-Set X Plus halyards already made before I went with Endura Braid.  This will be good for any crew as their appearance can be distinguished at a critical time.
The new running rigging
Sta-Set X Plus

Endura Braid
...Specially engineered 12 Strand Dyneema SK 75 core with Marine-Tech coating and the sports best 24 carrier braided polyester cover.  

www.Mauripro.com currently has colored Endura Braid for only $2.68 in 3/8 10mm size.  If you order a full roll of 600 feet from your Chandlery this usually gets you another 10-20% savings.  I will fill in the blanks below as I get the lines terminated and installed.

  1. Main.- Sta-Set X Plus Halyard 3/8" 10mm with Headboard shackle (Endura Braid spare on board)
  2. Main - Endura Braid Sheet 3/8" 10mm
  3. Main - Endura Braid Control line port 3/8" 10mm
  4. Main - Endura Braid Control line starboard 3/8" 10mm
  5. Genoa - Sta-Set X Plus Halyard 3/8" 9mm with snap shackle (Endura Braid spare on board)
  6. Genoa - Endura Braid Furling Lead line 5/16" 7mm with Harken lead blocks
  7. Genoa - Endura Braid Sheet port 3/8" 9mm 
  8. Genoa - Endura Braid Sheet starboard 3/8" 9mm
  9. Spinnaker - Endura Braid Halyard 5/16" 7mm with snap shackle
  10. Spinnaker - Endura Braid Sock up-haul/down-haul 5/16" 7mm with deck fitting
  11. Spinnaker - Endura Braid Sheet port 5/16" 7mm  with Ronstan  snatchblock
  12. Spinnaker - Endura Braid Sheet port 5/16" 7mm  with Ronstan  snatchblock
  13. Topping Lift - Endura Braid Halyard 5/16" 7mm with snap shackle
  14. Spare Halyard - Endura Braid 3/8'' 10mm
  15. Boom Vang - Endura Braid 3/8" 10mm
  16. Reef #1 - ?
  17. Reef #2 - ?
  18. Flag Halyard port - Performance Braid 2,8 red
  19. Flag Halyard starboard - Performance Braid 2,8 red
  20. Lazy Jacks - ?
Below will be the list of new running rigging hardware.

  1. Harken 57mm 
  2. Harken 75mm
  3. Harken
FROM THIS POINT ON THE RUNNING RIGGING CHANGES WILL HAVE ITS OWN PAGE. That page will be located here.  Any future major additions or changes to the running rigging will only get a note to check the page within the blog.  Running rigging

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