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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cutting Corners... day two

Cutting corners day two...

Sunrise day two crossing from Tampa to Appalachacola

I was fairly well rested as sunrise came on day two.  Amazing the difference with and without an autopilot!  The dolphins from the day before were only a memory and the Sargasso grass was making trolling for fish a pain.  I finally gave up and reeled the lures in.  Today was only vast amounts of dark blue water with an emerald highlight.  This is only slightly different than the water at Los Tortugas which was the same dark blue but with a grayish sapphire highlight.  I finally came upon the first of several Air force Towers in this part of the Gulf.  

There were three of these within view of my path

Thirty four hours after I left I finally saw a shrimp boat on the panhandle coast.  This is the first boat I had seen in over 24 hours!  Yes over 24 hours... no boats... no land... not even an airplane!  Just three towers making terrible sounds!

My only companion for the two days

I spent most of my time listening to music from Putumayo and checking the position every couple hours or so.    I can see now how with someone else on board and an autopilot you can get caught up on so much!  
This is great music to just "get away" try it in your cubical!  

Sunset day two

I was doing well concidering I had been sailing now for 37 hours trying to make Government Cut on Apalachicola bay before sunset.  Guess what that picture above is from outside Government cut! Almost two miles outside!  All the excitement of the trip was about to happen between sunset and dark!


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