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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cutting Corners... night one

Night time 8 hours from the nearest land!  This would have been an ordeal I am sure except for the training I received going out to Los Tortugas.  Having a buddy boat always less than 2 miles away when you are out of sight of land is very reassuring.  Especially on your first voyage.  This would be another "first" my first solo crossing of any type.  Almost two hundred miles all alone.

Putting as much as I could from lessons learned going to the Tortugas made the night much better.

  1. I broke into the kitty to buy an autopilot.
  2. I dressed warmer sooner.
  3. I crossed referenced the GPS, heading and charts.
  4. Jack lines! the boat gets very wet after dark
  5. Snack better
  6. Nap lightly and check ofter, other boats may be asleep at the wheel.
  7. Let someone know your course and plan.
All went well! A very successful night! I was nowhere as tired thanks to the Autopilot.


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