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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everglades National Park 3/27

Parting view of s/v Wee Happy and s/v Drifter

I pulled anchor this morning heading off to the Everglades!  Wee Happy was anchored on my way out of the harbor and just in case they were awake I hailed them on channels 16, 68 and 71.  With no response I continued out through the open bridge with a long conch horn blow (it was 7:30 everyone needed to be awake right?).  To get into the Gulf of Mexico I have to sail west for 3 miles go through the channel under 7 miles bridge (think Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, True Lies) and then sail all the way back east on the north side of the bridge and around a couple of shoals before going north toward the Everglades.  When I was almost to the channel I heard "Gemini Dreams" called on the radio. It was Wee Happy wanting to meet for goodbyes.  Turns out they had a gift for me (I presented s/v Wee Happy with a pole spear the night before).  After some chit chat on the radio we talked about mailing it etc. Then I realized I would be turning and coming right back in their direction in a few minutes only on the other side of the bridge.  They came out in the dinghy for one last meeting and brought me some Wee Happiness, seriously, they brought part of their mood lighting from the cabin.  I now have colored lights in Gemini Dreams as Wee Happy does!
Kristopher and Lala on s/v Gemini Dreams one more time

One the way to the Everglades I installed the auto pilot and sat back for a cruise!  Damn this is easy!  The auto pilot just surpassed the Bimini on the list of "best buy items".  I should start a page of "Best Buy and Worst Waste" Hmmm.
Aptly named shelling anchorage

The problem with this leg of my cruise is it is mostly "wham bam thank you mam" since I want to catch some softball games!  The cruise to the Everglades was uneventful from this point on.  Shelling anchorage as seen on active captain is just that a shell collectors paradise for gulf shells.  I also found footsteps, and this message on an otherwise deserted strip of shoreline.

Just for those that are still drinking water in Boot Key
The water on the left is from Boot Key dinghy dock and the water on the right from Publix!
A little green?  This is after a trip to the Tortugas and back!



  1. what?!? that is the water from the hose at the dinghy dock or from the harbor itself?!? was it clear when you put in in, and then turned green after a week????

  2. This is water from the dinghy hose near the palapa (tiki hut). Do you remember the shower as we passed Key West? It came from this container. It was filled up right before I left Boot Key (after the storm). I took it to the Tortugas and back. Once I got to the everglades it looked like this. The container from Publix has been on the same trip and same amount of time.