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Friday, April 15, 2011

ICW Apalachicola to Panama City...4-5-11

So calm this morning after the storm a couple nights ago.

s/v Gemini Dreams still at Water Street Hotel and Marina waiting to shove off
A shrimp boat passing into the sun by toward the bay

Wow!  What a contrast to the ICW of both south east and south west Florida!

 The above are photos from Floridas South East Coast

 The above pictures are between Apalachicola and Panama City

The only bridge on this stretch you may have to deal with.

I never did find a Bald Eagle or Alligator in this section.  The chill from the north must have kept the gators hiding.  The trip was peaceful except for the motor have to run the whole distance!  I kept calculating time of arrival. Trying to decide if I should go to the marina or anchor out one last time.  The bay was getting big as I crossed in front of the "cut".  I actually turned to go to the park and spend the night but the waves were more than I wanted to deal with.  I was thinking safe in a slip and peaceful.  LOL  That is a joke at Sun Harbor!  The slips are exposed to too much traffic from the intercoastal, winds from the S, SW, W, NW, and N pretty much.  Being tied to the pylons facing the wrong way to the waves makes that windy night at Bahia Honda seem really calm.   I love being anchored out much more than here but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  Over the next few weeks I will be upgrading and replacing what Gemini Dreams needs.

Don't worry as the whole crew is available for cruises around the Florida Panhandle.  There are thousands of fishing spots, hundreds of places to anchor and many islands to conquer with the Prince and Princess of Pirates.  Hang in there for some very fun times with the family before it is time to go to the Bahamas!

Panama City Camera

You would really hate to miss hurricane season, right?


  1. Wes, I have enjoyed viewing your posts on your seafaring journey. Nothing like a little excitement to liven up your cruise. I will be leaving Bahia Honda SP soon to spend the summer in Alaska volunteering at a couple of state parks until the end of Sept. Congratulations on your accomplishments sailing around Florida. I enjoyed meeting you at Bahia Honda and look forward to following your adventures elsewhere. Best wishes, Tom Conover volunteer at Bahia Honda SP.

  2. Tom if you see this I have added the email in the upper right corner. You were a shining light at Bahia Honda. Thanks for the lift, information and all info. Hope you are around next year and I am able to return. w