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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fishing From A Sailboat...top 10 lists

I have added a "Fishing From A Sailboat" page to this blog. Scott & Wendy Bannerot wrote a whole book and that is your first item if you are serious about adding fish to the table!

So with all that information, all I have to do is make a little page of what works for me.  A simplified version consisting of the top 10 items for each category. This is a perpetual page and updates will be regular as new items go on the page and old items fall off. Every time I find or learn something new I will Update the appropriate top 10 lists.

Space on a small sailboat is premium so I will address this also with the selections for gear and storage.  I will cover specific lures that work for me, like Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnows in gold!  I will try my best to give   Costs are another concern for sailors living aboard, I will try to give the best places to save money when buying your gear and the best options of gear to save money.

There will be random techniques and tips scattered through out the blog.  I will try to put a link at the bottom of the "Fishing From A Sailboat" page for any significant information.   These items could be a simple as here are the GPS numbers for a great spot to how far behind MY boat a certain lure works.

As far as general technique goes, you are on your own! you can go to online sites, locals, magazines etc.  I do not have the patience or experience to write a book or make a DVD.  There are better alternatives.
Florida Sportsman is a great place to start

Yes that is me

  1. They have the Magazine
  2. They have a TV Show
  3. They have online videos
  4. They have a radio show
  5. They have fishing 4casts by region
  6. They have condensed DVDs  complete with books
  7. They have fishing charts for your a
  8. They have way too much!  So if you are just starting or needing to fine tune give them a try!

These are some of the other guys.  There is more information than anyone could ever need!  Most of it is free thanks to the internet.  You can help keep this Blog and "Fishing From A Sailboat" going please click the sponsors when you visit.  Six clicks a visit will help to buy a video camera to increase the impact of the blog.  You can also do flat donations with the PayPal link in the upper right corner.


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