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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newfound Harbor 3/24

We left the Marquesas heading for New found harbor...  It was a quiet anchorage and dinner was tuna sandwiches, hot dogs and potato salad.  Maybe I missed something but after the Marquesas and Tortugas it lacked any appeal.

Oh there were dolphins swimming when I got up!


(Now that I think about it I could have called this post "Sailing off to key west pt4".  Of course we just sailed right on by Key West once again.  I think the sarcasm of the continuing inability to anchor or moor in Key West would have been a better post.  I could even have posted some stupid shot from Key West.  Anchorages like this that have no character (my opinion) are what make the Marquesas and Los Tortugas such wonders and worth the journey)
like beggar on a wire

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